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It is 100% safe to buy counterfeit money online from Popular Banknotes because the company has been in this field for the last fifteen years and has been successfully managing a huge client base since then. Riyal is the currency of Saudi Arabia and if you want to buy Saudi Arabian Riyal, Popular Banknotes is the best option because the fake notes they provide are all passed through several tests until they become the exact replica of the original currencies. UV test, the pen test, intaglio print test, see-through test are some of the tests that the real looking fake notes clear before they are released in the market. Popular Banknotes offers SR10, SR50, SR100, and SR500 fake notes. When you plan to buy SR10, you select the option as SR10 for sale and choose to order the fake notes to be delivered to you. The currencies are available at a very reasonable cost and can be used at any place such as casinos, game parlors, paying school fees, college fees, car insurance or anywhere you can think of. You only have to be careful with the usage of the banks as they might detect the fake ones.

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